Offering you a complete choice of products which include Poultry Feed Supplements & Additives such as Liver Tonic, Calcium Tonic, Mineral mixture,growth promoter,antigout etc

Broiler Growth Promoter

Anfagrow - vitamins & mineral mixture for poultry

Protein with essential Amino Acids Minerals trace element for Better growth and Production

Liver Tonic For Hen

Anfaliv - Poultry Liver tonic

ANFALIV is a Liver -protective formula for general use in all conditions. Prevents liver diseases due to fat metabolism and re-generates damaged hepatocytes.

Poultry Feed Supplements

Anfahep- Liver stimulant for Poultry

ANFAHEP is a hepato -protective formula for general use in all conditions. Prevents liver diseases due to fat metabolism and re-generates damaged hepatocytes. Increases egg production and body weights.

Chicks Growth Tonic

Anfaplex Liquid-B.Complex for General Health & Weight Gain

It a general B.Complex tonic with added advantages of Choline Chloride,L-Lysine,DL-Methionine & Folic Acid for Better Result in growth and production in poultry

Broiler Growth Promoter

Compfeed-B (Broiler premix)

It is a pre-mix powder for oral administration through feed. It contains vitamins and minerals essential for various physiological functions. Thus Compfeed-B is an ideal premix for optimum growth and production. This product is also known as broiler premix,Vitamins mineral mixture,weight gainer and growth promoter.

Manufacturer Layer Premix India

Compfeed-L (Layer premix)

It is a pre-mix powder for oral administration through feed. It contains vitamins and minerals essential for various physiological functions. Thus Comp Feed-L is an ideal premix for optimum growth and production. This product is also known as Layers premix,Vitamins mineral mixture,weight gainer and growth promoter.



Iron tonic with chelated minerals & Vitamins

Vitamino Liquid

Vitamino Liquid

A Unique Combination of A,D3,E,C

mineral mixture for poultry

Vitamino - poultry vitamins & chelated minerals

A feed premix of multivitamins & trace minerals to prevents vitamin & mineral deficiency

Anti coccidal Medicine

Selocid (Vitamin E & Selenium Water Soluble)

A water soluble premix of vitamin E & selenium for better immunity & to release stress

sel-e tonic


An Effective Combination of Vitamin- E with Selenium for Immunity

Feed Toxin Binder

Anfatox -Toxin Binder for Poultry

An ideal toxin binder containing organic acids, probiotics, prebiotics, HSCAS, activated bamboo charcoal with added advantage of liver stimulants. MOS and Bacillus Subtilis bind the pathogens in the gut, thereby reducing the colonies to maintain a healthy G.I tract. These also improve immune system and reduce stress. Non toxic organic acids are excellent toxin binders in feed and keep up to desired level. HSCAS improves the performance of internal organs, G.I & biochemical parameters of the birds by toxin binding. Charcoal powder absorbs toxins from water born organisms or toxins from feed, In layers increases laying rate and period and weight of eggs.In broilers it improves the survival rate. Liver stimulants enhance and improve the liver function during toxicity. This product is also known as toxin binder,Poultry Toxins, Sanitizing feed

Egg Production Enhancer

Ovimin - Egg enhancer for poultry

A feed additive to increase egg production.Standard formula of ovimin contains multivitamins, minerals, yeast culture, ovary stimulating herbs with added advantage of chromium for stimulating the ovaries in egg production.This product is also know as egg production supplement,ovary stimulant and egg stimulant.

Chicks Growth Tonic

Anfacal - LiquidCalcium for poultry

Calcium formulation for supplementation:
Calcium lactate & Calcium Gluconate – Provide the best source of calcium.
Tricalcium Phosphate – Provides phosphorous besides calcium.
Vitamin D3 – Provides supplementation of vitamin.

electrolytes for poultry

Destrolyte - Electrolyte & Destresser for Poultry

Maintains the electrolyte balance by process of neutralization & thus provides strength

Anti Gout for Poultry

Urocid - Anti Gout for Poultry

It is a time tested combination for gout in poultry.
Metabolic waste of protein digestion in birds results in uric acid and urate salts. Because of low level of urination in birds, uric acid passes out of kidneys as urate crystals which if accumulated in body leads to gout.
This product is also useful in Acidifying urine in Poultry,preventing visceral gout,renal inflammation caused by toxins in Poultry,chemo therapeutics in poultry,prevents digestive abnormalities in Poultry

Calcium,Phosphorus,Vitamin- D3,Magnesium & Herbal Enzyme

medicated feed additives poultry

Neutro-CPD (Liquid Calcium & Phosphorus for poultry)

It contain protein calcium & phosphorus for better absorbtion
It Enhances Egg production, growth, body weights, health & activeness.

Manufacturer Poultry Probiotics India

Anfazyme - Enzymes & Probiotics for poultry

It is a cocktail blend of PSP enzymes and probiotics-cellulase, xylanase, amylase,b-glucoamylase, pectinase, b-gluconase, liapase, sachromyces boulardi, bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus acidophyllus. Probiotics in anfazyme help as :-
B.subtilis – Controls infection of Clostridium perfinges and prevents necrotic lesions in Gut wall.
S.boulardi – Controls toxins in feed and prevents non-specific Diarrhoea.
L.acidophillus – Eliminates harmful pathogens from gut and Secretion of organic acids to maintain desired PH Levels in guts of Birds.
This product is also known as enzyme for poultry,PSP Enzyme,Pro biotics.

Poultry Acidifier Tonic

Regucid - Poultry Acidifier

Specialised formulation with buffered organic acids like lactic acid, formic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, citrate, elemental copper and essential oils etc in suitable proportions.

Anfacid - Poultry Toxin Binder

A powerful toxin binder for feed & watter
It binds the toxin in the feed and sanitize the drinking water of poultry

Poultry feed enzymes

Anphytase - Phytase Enzyme for Poultry

A heat tolerant phytase enzyme to set free organic phosphorous in feed for better phosphorous absorption.Phytase is a powerful intestinal enzyme that breaks down phytates in feed. Poultry and hogs have very little phytase in their intestines and therefore require its external supplementation.

Anfagrow Plus

Anfagrow Plus

Growth Promoter for Poultry

Poultry feed enzymes

LUCANTHIN - Astaxanthin and Other Enzymes for Poultry

A unique formulation for growth, production & health in Poultry.

Astaxanthin – A carotenoid acts as a lipid soluble pigment having powerful anti-oxidant action.It imparts coloration in egg yolk. It increases vitamin A, C & E in body. Enhances growth in poultry. Amylase, Pectinase & Liapase – These enzymes are helpful in Gut Health of Animals and production of inhibitory compounds. Enhance immune system. Enzymatic action aids digestion. These enzymes compete for nutrients and adhesion sites. L-Lysine & DL-Methonine – Lysine supplements protein diet and is one of the essential amino acids for growth. Methionine helps to increase body weight. It also helps in feed conversion efficiency and survival. Yeast – Provides rich source of protein and B-complex vitamin. Choline –Important for metabolic functions. Helps in liver functions. Improves appetite and growth.


Concelyte -

A concentrated Electrolyte for Poultry

Anfagrow Gold


Anfagrow gold provides extra functional nutrients & immunoboosters to sustain during growth phase,peak production and stress
Anfagrow Gold Provides:
1 Immunoglobulins to improve immunity.
2.Nutritionally essential amino acids.
3.Enzyme papain for digestion of feed carbohydrates and proteins.
4.Yeast extracts.
5.Minerals for metabolism and tissue building

poultry medicines

Retino (Vitamin-A for Poultry)

Pure Vitamin-A tonic for poultry each ML having 1,00,000 I.U

Poultry Liver Tonic

COMBILIV- Combination for Liver Disorders in Birds

It is a blend of Carnitine & Choline in Sorbitol Base. It helps to prevent and Control Liver disorders in Poultry Birds, Livestock, other Large Animals.

mineral mixture for poultry

Anfavit - Poultry vitamins & mineral mixture

Feed premix having complete vitamins (Vitamin-A,D3,B1,B2,B6,B12,K3 & E) along with natural immunity stimulants required in poultry feed

calcium tonic for poultry

Calcichik - Calcium & Phosphorus for poultry

Chelated Calcium Tonic with Vitamin D3 & B12 for better growth & production in poultry & to overcome Calcium deficiency

Mineral Mixture

Fertimon - Mineral Mixture for poultry

Growth Promoter & Immuno Modulator Blood purifier, anti microbial and digestant: Mixture of 12 special selective herbal preparation having functional properties as growth promoter, immuno modulator, blood purifier, anti microbial agent & digestant etc. Herbs are - Terminalia arjuna, Terminalia bellerica, Tephros purpurea, Phyllanthus niruri, Tinospora cordifolia, Carica papaya, Cinchorium intibu Cinnamomum Zeylanicum,Citrus aurantifolia, Daueus Carota, Eclipta alba, Momord Charantia This product is also known as growth promoter,weight enhancer,herbal mineral mixture....

Liver Tonic for poultry


Broiler Breeder Premix

Liver Tonic for poultry

Hepaset- liver tonic

A combination for hepatic disorders that optimises liver functions prevents and corrects fat deposits. Carnitine - Facilitates lipid oxidation aids in removal of short and medium chain fatty acids. B12 – Assist in metabolic processes helps in formation of red blood Cells, Stimulates protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Mg – Constituents of enzymes involved in synthesis and metabolism Of carbohydrate, lipids and proteins. Sorbitol – Acts as osmotic laxative to facilitate elimination of toxic products of G.I tract. Hepaset is useful in Liver disorder,

Liver Tonic for poultry

Calavian forte

A highly Concentrated Source of Chelated Calcium for better results Liquid concentrated feed supplement of Calcium,Vitamin D3,B12 & Iron

Liver Tonic for poultry



ATM is composed of elemental trace minerals Zinc, Manganese & Copper as highly bioavailable methionine hydroxy analogue chelate in Organic form. Selenium is available in Organic form as Selenium Yeast. Chromium is available in Organic Form. Ferrous and Cobalt are available in Inorganic Forms (Sulphates) along with a highly bioavailable form of Iodine.

Liver Tonic for poultry

Vitamin A,D3,E

A unique Combination of vitamin A,D3,E For Growth Promotion & Immunity Boosting.

Liver Tonic for poultry



Liver Tonic for poultry


Liver Tonic for poultry

Natural Liver Tonic

A potent blend of natural Liver Extracts, along with organic liver stimulating minerals, fortified with Vitamin B12 to support better functioning Liver.

Liver Tonic for poultry

Concelyte Pro -

A concentrated Electrolyte for Poultry.

Neutro cpd Powder

Neutro_cpd Powder
A Super Formulation of Chelated Calcium With Enzyme