Having a Complete range for livestock such as Liver stimulant,Calcium Supplements,Milk Enhancer,Enzymes & Probiotics,Digestants for ruminal disorders

Liver Tonic For Hen

Anfaliv - Livestock Liver tonic

ANFALIV is a Liver -protective formula for general use in all conditions.

Chicks Growth Tonic

Anfaplex Liquid-B.Complex for General Health & Weight Gain

It a general B.Complex tonic with added advantages of Choline Chloride,L-Lysine,DL-Methionine & Folic Acid for Better Result in growth and production in Livestock

sel-e tonic


An Effective Combination of Vitamin- E with Selenium for Immunity



Iron tonic with chelated minerals & Vitamins

Calcium,Phosphorus,Vitamin- D3,Magnesium & Herbal Enzyme

medicated feed additives poultry

Neutro-CPD (Liquid Calcium & Phosphorus) A powerful Vetrinary supplementation

It contain protein calcium & phosphorus for better absorbtion
It Enhances growth, body weights, health & activeness.


Neutro_cpd bolus
Calcium,Phosphorus,Vitamin- D3,Magnesium & Herbal Enzyme

Neutro cpd Powder

Neutro_cpd Powder
A Super Formulation of Chelated Calcium With Enzyme

Anfagrow Plus

Concelyte -

A concentrated Electrolite to prevent heat stress

Vitamino Liquid

Vitamino Liquid

A Unique Combination of A,D3,E,C

Calcium tonic for goat

Anfacal - Cattle calcium tonic

Calcium formulation for supplementation:
Calcium lactate & Calcium Gluconate – Provide the best source of calcium.
Tricalcium Phosphate – Provides phosphorous besides calcium.
Vitamin D3 – Provides supplementation of vitamin.
This is also known as Calcium supplement,Feed supplement.

cattle herbal digestive

Herbagest(Herbal Digestant for cattle & other Livestock)

A herbal digestive powder containing effective herbs like harada, ajwain, ajmoda, sunthi, saunf, soya, dhanyaka, trikatukalimirch, pipali & black salt.
Ajwain – Helps in Indigestion.
Ajmoda – Effective in dyspepsia, appetite stimulant, carminative, anti spasmodic. Helps in stomach ache.
Sunthi – Prevents nausea, breaks down fatty foods and protein. Reduces gaseous distension.
Sauf – Carminative stimulant and purgative. Helps in intestinal colic.
Soya – protects liver from abscess and bloat.
Dhanyaka – Carminative. Removes intestinal irritation.
Trikatukalimirch – aids digestion. Remove toxin in waste. enhances gastric emptying and helps food assimilation.
Pipali – Aromatic, stimulant. Helps in constipation.
Black salt – Helps is digestion.

Cattle Milk Enhancer

Purgalax - Purgative and Laxatives for livestock

An effective purgative and laxative formula:
Magnesium Sulphate – Strong laxative, helps rumen microbes in digestion of dietary fibers. It also helps in prevention and treatment of Grass Staggers in cows and buffaloes.
Sodium thiosulphate – Anti dysentery.
Sodium sulphate – Provides necessary sodium in diet.
Gentian violet – Acts as a fungicide in feed.
Ginger – Anti-oxidant, Anti-microbial in feed. Increases FCR. Increases secretion of digestive enzymes e.g Lipase, protease and disaccharides.
Linseed – Beneficial on fat profile and immune system. Increases level of ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) in resultant meat and milk.
Magnesium carbonate – Neutralizes excess acid in rumen of animals.
This is useful in purgative ,laxative,constipation, gas release,colic and ruminal bloat.

Mineral mixtures for Livestock

Vitagin - Cattle Vitimin Premix

It is a unique blend of essential minerals e.g Copper, Magnesium.Zinc, Chromium, and Selenium with Vitamins A, D3 and Vitamin E,For Vitality, Growth & Production.

Cattle Milk Enhancer

Doodh Vardhak - Milk Enhancer For Cattle

To restore normal milk yield:
Special herbal preparation having functional properties of lactogenic, galactopoetic and lactogogue to optimise the synthesis and secretion of milk.The main herbs incorporated are lepidium sativum, leptadenia reticulata, asparagus racemosus, nelumbium speciosum, cedrus deodara, whitania somnifera etc.Essential minerals & vitamins are fortified to regulate the normal body function for better health and performance.This is also useful for milk enhancer.herbal lactogenic and milk defeciency.

bypass fat for dairy cattle

Lactomed - Callte Milk Enhancer

Non Hormonal Milk Enhancer:
In view of the high energy requirement to produce more milk & to recover from birthing {needed to get animal to lactate), it is essential for farmers to provide a diet of highly intense energy feed to the animals.LACTOMED is a highly digestible energy supplement, 100% inert to the rumen by high metabolism, increase production and meat quality, reduces digestive problems and improves the body condition by decreasing weight loss, resulting in a increased fertility and conception.In early lactation, most cows will actually lose considerable amount of weight, because energy intake is less than needed to meet the nutrient demands of milk production. As a result, the cow mobilizes body nutrient reserves, particularly body fat, to meet energy demand. Thus, Supplemental fat is among the best options one can provide to its animals for better health & Productivity.LACTOMED contains By pass fat Calcium and phosphorous and non hormonal galactogouge with added advantage of herbal extracts . This is also used for energy booster,milk enhancer and by pass fat.

Cattle Mineral Mixture

Fertimon - Cattle Mineral Mixture

Growth Promoter & Immuno Modulator Blood purifier, anti microbial and digestant:
Mixture of 12 special selective herbal preparation having functional properties as growth promoter, immuno modulator, blood purifier, anti microbial agent & digestant etc. Herbs are - Terminalia arjuna, Terminalia bellerica, Tephros purpurea, Phyllanthus niruri, Tinospora cordifolia, Carica papaya, Cinchorium intibu Cinnamomum Zeylanicum,Citrus aurantifolia, Daueus Carota, Eclipta alba, Momord Charantia
This product is also known as growth promoter,weight enhancer,herbal mineral mixture

Probiotics Cattle India

Anfazyme - Enzymes & Porbiotics for Livestock

It is a cocktail blend of NSP enzymes and probiotics-cellulase, xylanase, amylase, b-glucoamylase, pectinase, b-gluconase, liapase, sachromyces boulardi, bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus acidophyllus.
B.subtilis – Controls infection of Clostridium perfinges and prevents necrotic lesions in Gut wall.
S.boulardi – Controls toxins in feed and prevents non-specific diarrhoea.
L.acidophillus – Eliminates harmful pathogens from gut and Secretion of organic acids to maintain desired PH Levels in stomach of Animals.
This is useful in feed improvement in livestock,PSP Enzyme and Pro biotics. NSP (Non Starch Polysaccharides) enzymes in Anfazyme

cattle herbal remedies

Rumicure (Ruminal Disorder Treatment For Livestock)

Appetite Stimulant & Digestant for Ruminal disorders:
Special selective herbal preparation having functional properties for stimulation of rumen, enhancement of digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients. The main herbs incorporated are terminalia arjuna, capparis spinosa, chichorium intybus, piper nigrum, t. gallica, solanum nigrum, ecipta alba, phyllanthus amarus etc.Special chelated minerals (zinc, manganese, magnesium, copper, cobalt etc) are added ready absorption into the system for correction of mineral deficiencies.
This is also used in ruminal disorder,herbal digestive,Appetite Stimulant,feed absorbtion.

feed additives Livestock

Anfahep- Liver stimulant for Livestock

A powerful feed priemix with combination of chlorine chloride , DL methionine,L-lysine,Inositol,Vitamin B12 ,Vitamin E & Biotin.

electrolyte for horses

Destrolyte - Electrolyte and destresser for livestock animals

Vitamin A horses

Retino (Vitamin-A for Livestock)

Pure Vitamin-A Veterinary tonic for Animals Each ML having 1,00,000 I.U

Goat Liver Tonic

COMBILIV- Combination for Liver Disorders

selenium supplement for cattle

Selocid - Stress reliver for livestock

Vitamin-E & Selenium to release stress in Animals

Acidifier Tonic Cattle

Remacid -Livestock Acidifier

Acidity remover feed supplement for animals

Cattle calcium Tonic India

Calfarm - Calcium for Farm Animals

Chelated Calcium Gel having Calcium,Phosphorus,Vitamin-D3,Vitamin-B12,Manganese & Vitamin-C

cattle bloat medicine

Gasgo- Livestock Gas Remover

An effective Anti-bloat & Anti flatulent formulation containing natural herbs like Amaltas, Imli, Namak, Lodhra, Pili Kharal & Haldi.

Feed Toxin Binder

Anfatox - Toxin Binder For livestock

An ideal toxin binder containing organic acids, probiotics, prebiotics,

Liver Tonic for poultry

Calavian forte Bio Calcium Concentrated

Liquid concentrated feed supplement of Calcium,Vitamin D3,B12 & Iron.

Liver Tonic for poultry



ATM is composed of elemental trace minerals Zinc, Manganese & Copper as highly bioavailable methionine hydroxy analogue chelate in Organic form. Selenium is available in Organic form as Selenium Yeast. Chromium is available in Organic Form. Ferrous and Cobalt are available in Inorganic Forms (Sulphates) along with a highly bioavailable form of Iodine.

Liver Tonic for poultry

Vitamin A,D3,E

A unique Combination of vitamin A,D3,E For Growth Promotion & Immunity Boosting.

Liver Tonic for poultry



Bolus for Livestock


Bovi-ARB is a Stabilised Compound of Essential Organic Minerals & Vitamins with added power of Natural Immuno Stimulants & Herbal Galactagogues for general use in all conditions like,Milk Drop, Poor Growth,and Poor Appetite.

Liver Tonic for poultry

Natural Liver Tonic

A potent blend of natural Liver Extracts, along with organic liver stimulating minerals, fortified with Vitamin B12 to support better functioning Liver.

Liver Tonic for poultry

Concelyte Pro -

A concentrated Electrolyte .

mineral mixture for poultry

Anfavit - Poultry vitamins & mineral mixture

Feed premix having complete vitamins (Vitamin-A,D3,B1,B2,B6,B12,K3 & E) along with natural immunity stimulants required in poultry feed