Providing you the best range of Aquaculture Feed Supplements & Additives such as growth Promoter for fish & prawns mineral-mixture feed probiotics, mineral zeolite, better probiotics,oxizen generator,Amonia binder and many more items with effective & timely delivery.

Acidifier Tonic Cattle

Aquamin - Aquaculture supplements for Growth & Immunity in Fishes& Prawns

Aqua Shrimps probiotics

AquaProblac- Feed Probiotics and Growth Enhancer.

Fish pond zeolite

Anfolite- Feed Probiotics and Growth Enhancer.


Aquaculture Mineral mixture

Vitamino- vitamins & minerals for fishes

Prevents vitamin & mineral deficiency in Aquaculture

Aquaculture Chemicals

ANFOXY- To Maintain Oxygen Level In Ponds.

Feed Toxin Binder

Anfatox - Toxin binder for fishes.

prawn growth supplements

Procee - Anti-Oxidant,Stress Reliever

A novel Anti-oxidant formulation to enhance immune system:
Vitamin C helps in formation of connective tissues, bone matrix, and wound repairs besides helping in absorption of iron. It helps in lordosis, scoliosis, poor growth, anorexia and impairment of wound healing.
Protein Hydrolysate As a protein supplement for growth. Acts as feed attractant and palatability enhancer. Increases Lysozyme activity, leading to better immunity.
Vitamin B12 Important for red blood cells formation. Prevents mycrocytic anemia. Helps in lipid metabolism.
Amla A potent anti-oxidant, great source of Vitamin C, helps in digestion. It has tuning and immune enhancing properties.
This is useful in destressing fishes and prawns,muscle strength in fishes and vitamin C in fish feed

Fish Feed Supplements

Lucanthin - Enzymes and Amino acids for fish farming

A unique formulation for growth, production & health in Aquaculture:
Astaxanthin � A carotenoid acts as a lipid soluble pigment having powerful anti-oxidant action. It imparts coloration in salmon. It increases vitamin A, C & E in body tissues of fishes. Enhances growth in fishes.
Amylase, Pectinase & Liapase � These enzymes are helpful in Gut Health of Animals and production of inhibitory compounds. Enhance immune system. Enzymatic action aids digestion. These enzymes compete for nutrients and adhesion sites.
L-Lysine & DL-Methonine � Lysine supplements protein diet and is one of the essential amino acids for growth. Methionine helps to prevent cataract in fishes such as Rainbow Trout. It helps in increasing the body weight and length of fishes. It also helps in feed conversion efficiency and survival.
Yeast � Provides rich source of protein and B-complex vitamin. It is used as complementary protein source in fish diet.
Choline � Important for metabolic functions. Prevents protruded eyes, helps in liver functions. Improves appetite and growth.
This is also used for astaxanthin,colour imporvement in fishes,growth and weight gain in fishes

Fish Growth Enhancer India

NEUTRO-CPD GRANUELS (Calcium & Phosphorus for Fishes Growth)

Helps in muscular & skeletal development in fishes improves growth & body weight. Enhances diseases resistance

Aquaculture feed supplements

A combination of Amino Acids,choline chloride & Vitamins

fish pond disinfectant

Ponsan- Sanitizer for Aquaculture Pond

Ponsan is safe, rappid acting bacteriocide,algaecide and fungicide and is also widely used as a sanitizer-disinfectant.It is highly recommended for Fish,Prawns and shrimps farming as it controls Antenna rot, Tail rot,Gill rot, Bacterial Gill Disease Red gill,Muscle necrosis,Red discolration in Prawns and Shrimps.
PONSAN has antimicrobial activity,therefore,recommnded in Hatcheries and Farms for prevention and controls of Bacterial,Protozoan and Monogenic infection. Also act as disinfectant sanitizier and deodorant in Aquaculture usage

fish pond disinfectant

Aqua Promass- Fish growth promoter for fish farming (pisciculture)

An ideal formulation of Protein,Yeast,Lysin & Methonine with added advantage of Cobalt to increase weight & enhance growth of Fishes in Aquaculture fish farming

fish pond disinfectant




ATM offers superior bioavailability of Trace Minerals. ATM is stable in presence of other chelating agents and other Chemicals in the feed. ATMzz contains Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Selenium & Other Mineral in highly bioavailable Organic and Inorganic form

fish pond disinfectant


Mycotoxin Binder

fish pond disinfectant



fish pond disinfectant

Anfolite pro

Optimum Adsorption
Granule from provides convenient and effective adsorption of toxin contents and gases to make the habitat clean and healthy for aquatic life.

fish pond disinfectant

Aquagrow Up.

Now, mineral elements in "Aquqgrow up " are important in many aspects of fish and shrimp metabolism.It provide strength and rigidity to bones in fish and the exoskeleton of crustaceans. It is also involves breaking down and oxidizing food molecules,that is directly related to transport energy.